Student consultations

It is very important to match the personality of the music teacher with that of the music student. This helps ensure that the student feels relaxed during the lessons and can gain the most benefit from the tuition. 

Consultation details

Many of our students want to learn to play an instrument purely for pleasure, rather than following a structured formal route. To enable us to find the right music teacher for you, we can arrange an appointment to come and see you after your initial enquiry.

This helps to assess the type of music teacher that would suit you best. We base it around these factors:
  • Level of play
  • Personality
  • Classical or popular music preferences
  • Geographical location
We will register you at this point and immediately begin the process of selecting a tutor to match your requirements. 

The assessment usually takes no longer than 45 minutes and is an informal chat.
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Consultation fees

If you would like your consultation to take place in the comfort of your own home, there is a one off £20 fee, that you can pay at the time of registration. We can visit homes throughout North London.

If you would like your consultation over the phone, there is no charge.

For more information on the lessons we offer and the fees we charge, 
visit the lessons page.

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